Thursday, July 19, 2012

French linge de maison

Isn't this de plein air image beautiful?
I'm in love with the clay wall in the fond! Such a pretty contrast with the crisp white assortment of linens. 

I'm so very anxieux to be able to take outdoor photos without melting!
Maudit, it's hot!
Until then I'll berêver about some of these pictures I found on Pinterest. 
It's nice to dream...So very  merveilleux, to dream.

I amour old linens!
Recently I made some pillow slips from cotton linen. I've washed them several times and hung them outside to dry on the clothesline. I am amazed how soft they get. I'm a cotton girl all the way!
I prefer fabrics that breathe.

I need not ask what your favorite textile is. I'm sure you have the same passion as I when it comes to choosing. 
Ayez un beau jour



  1. mon dieu! you do not post often enough! I forget how much I love this blog until I find my way back here. Yes I adore all your pics too, its the contrast in textures which is delicious yes? the hard clay with soft linen, exquisite. Please do not stay away too have a beautiful eye I love to see through with you! lady

  2. Beautiful linens and images. So happy to see you posting again!

    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. I really enjoyed your post and your pictures are really pretty...Connie

  4. Beautiful pictures! I did a science fair project in junior high comparing synthetic and organic fibres - since then I have only bought natural fabrics. :) I love cotton and silk.

  5. Such dreamy picture. I love these and pinterest!

  6. Your blog is very inspirational.

    Glad to find you & Follow you too

    Pearl 13.1

  7. Oh Jill I agree... these Images are so Fresh, Clean and Inviting! I too Love Adobe Walls, we are fortunate that our Acreage is surrounded by a 5-foot Adobe and Rock Wall around it that is almost 100 years old... it is a Feature that I Adore and sadly, have difficulty finding anyone who knows the Craft well enough to do Restoration anymore since it isn't used so much in Modern times.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  8. love the table setting and all the lovely linens.