Friday, June 22, 2012

millésime incorporation

I am always inspired by vintage ephemera. The inspiration that flows from vintage is incorporated into my design style.

Having just said that I also jouir mixing both millésime with a touch of modern or contemporary.

picture courtesty of Pinterest
The modern pièce that I choose to accompagner  the vintage must be carefully thought out and planned with the upmost fastidious in choosing. The best description of this is the picture above. The brillant argent lampe anchors the look to perfection, I believe. Although the lamp is modern, it blends in. Love it!

Minimal color is also used to design the room. This picture captures color in a less obvious way.
If you look at the image with the lamp and then look at the hydrangea picture you will see no more than four colors were used to create the regarder. Not necessary monochromatic, but rather less colored objects are used to create a certain look. Again, love the look! Always have...
 As you take a closer look at the first picture you'll notice more white is iutilisés over all. If you look at the second image you will also notice dominant white. In fact, white certainly does stand out, doesn't it? That's the principle hue used for both image backdrops. A splash of soft blush or pink, not much in chambre à coucher, one black object, the table top and the chrome colored lamp. Magnifique!

The single stem of the hydrangea offers a  splash of sea foam green, ecru colored twine and black ciseaux seem to fit inparfaitement .

Ayez un beau jour



  1. Hi Jill,
    I love the look of old romantic pieces. You are opening my eye to the mix of the old with a new piece. I guess that's what keeps things interesting!

  2. You have a lovely blog ... which I am now following:)

  3. Jill this is absolutely beautiful. There is nothing like the romance of the old.


  4. Attention to detail is essential in all aspects of life. I laughed at myself yesterday when I was creating a 4th of July table...moved things around and around, took things away...and it still isn't perfect in my mind. Your displays are perfect!