Monday, January 23, 2012

organisez assez

Who doesn't like an organized maison? I prefer it to be assez at the same time.
I'm fond of cru apothecary coffrets. I amour the robin egg blue paint on this old coffret. Don't you?
Who says storing things like papier hygiénique can't be pretty? This image is a perfect example of that.
Oh the joy of plucking tissu remnants from this cru coffret.

What are some of your favorite Fussy French Organisez idees?
Ayez un beau jour

Friday, January 13, 2012

Conception française

I' ; le VE been wrapping myself into these elegant images. I'm in amour with the wall art. It appears to be sketches of lantern designs. If I were to stumble upon such tattered drawings I'd snatch them up in an instant! I am fond of the sofa too. The perfect shade of gris, the scalloped lines and most important to me, one coussin! I prefer sofas to have just one cushion. 
Notice the old wooden planked flooring. It appears to be in a most natural state. This design  travaux well with the complimentary tones of gris. Who says gray has to be dull and boring? Seriously...
Un more equally loved design. The one above. The creamy tone on tonalité.
Coutil bleu wrapped ever so subtle and the rose colored tassel hanging from the Queen Ann style chaise. Fastidiously French design I believe and it's the ideal "Fussy French!"
Ayez un beau jour

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dreams of jardins de pays...

Shortly after Christmas I begin receiving spring catalogues de jardin.
We usually experience an intense winter during the months of January and Février. During those months I begin to drool over garden periodicals especially the jardins de pays.
I'm particularly affectueux of pink cabbage roses and hydrangeas. Old fashioned blooms of phlox and foxgloves in pretty shades of violet, pink and cream I amour! Lavender blooming freely throughout the landscape.
Little hideaways covered with English ivy and wisteria are to my liking.

A comfy vintage chase with piles of oreillers seem to speak my language. Pretty tumblers filled with lavender lemonade or mint tea call my name.
rêver, rêver
Do you dream of jardins de pays when it's cold and snowy outside?
Ayez un beau jour