Monday, October 31, 2011

Salles françaises de bébé

I absolutely love these simple bunks. What a cozy bedtime retreat.  
I'm equally as fond as this simple cottage big boy or girls bed.
This bebe space with its layered cubbies. The collection of white polar bears adds balance to the rooms eclectic style.

The dark stained wood flooring really becomes a focal point. The space looks warm and cozy and pulled together without a lot of fuss.
Aren't baby rooms fun to decorate? The excitement of a wee little new soul arriving in his or her new environment makes my eyes twinkle.

Ayez un beau jour

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

enveloppe de cadeau française

The French seem to have perfected the art of gift wrap. They make the simplest gift stand out with pretty packaging. An inexpensive gift transforms into a beautiful work of art when wrapped in pretty papers and ribbons.

My French ancestors must have shared gift wrap idees from time to time.

So funny too, When I had the boutique downtown the French tradition of wrapping customer's items in pretty packages seemed to come effortlessly. I insisted each and every item purchased as a gift  be wrapped special regardless of how much the item cost.
I encountered a number of content happy faces during those shop days. I would always ask, may I wrap this pretty for you? A smile would appear on my face as well as the happy patron.

With the holidays fast approaching I'm pondering different packaging idees. Thoughts of silk ribbon and brown paper wrappings with sugar plum trimmings dance in my head.
Ayez un beau jour

Sunday, October 16, 2011

French Porch Idees

We have a porch right outside our kitchen. We call it our "tree house" porch since it sits amongst the tops of the cedar and red bud trees.

Mr. Fussy French recently extended the outdoor area and I've been enjoying cool autumn candle light evenings sitting and unwinding in the new space. I also enjoy my morning coffee outside amongst the tall cedars. Their heavenly scents fills the air. 

I haven't decided what type of furniture to add to the extension and will probably wait now until spring arrives again to make a final purchase since winter is gradually sneaking upon us.
I've been admiring porches with French accents and touches.

Do you have a porch? What are some of your decorating idees?

I'm contemplating rod iron with plush pillows in gray linen.
I'm inspired by the two pictures above.  

Any idees?
Ayez un beau jour

Sunday, October 2, 2011

aimez ceci

I keep going back to this picture asking myself, why do I fancy this look so much?
Quite possibly my attraction is the simplicity of the nook. Maybe it's the layers of texture. I love texture in a room!
The huge botanical prints definitely a favorite object of attraction for me.
The adorable spindle bed with its chipped patina and that old fashioned French striped mattress naked with no fluffy pillows or linen sheets layered high on top of it. 
What the estacade à claire-voie!
Is my taste changing?
This décor offers a tranquil room setting. It's neutral but with a touch of fusée. Not too much flare or fussiness, but still hitting on a fastidious appearance. 

Inspiration comes from different perspectives and angles, doesn't it?

Ayez un beau jour