Sunday, January 13, 2013

journée de rêve

photo courtesy of pinterest

I hope you enjoyed a joyeux Noël. 
Isn't the picture stunning? A magical place indeed...
This temps of the year when the paysage is filled with teintes of gray and brown I yearn for them to be remplacé with the bright color of nature. Pink tulips and mushrooming trees surrounded by a champ de fleurs creates excitation beyond words. 
I'm  planification this seasons fleurs and herbs and méditant shades of pink and forget me not bleu. Two of my favorite fleur nuances. 
photo courtesy of pinterest
I'm holding on to those thoughts as I create. 
Thoughts of âgé wicker and sturdy twine as well as vieux wood and topiary's dance around. 
Are you  rêver about spring?
Winter will soon be left behind and spring will fill our days. 
Ayez un beau jour



  1. Beautiful photo.

    Have a nice day

  2. Bonjour, I too am craving the soothing pale palette of blues, pink, creams. It is very restful. Clarice

  3. Such a beautiful peaceful tranquil photo... love it.. Cindy

  4. Yes! I am longing for spring! What a beautiful place...


  5. Yes, I am longing for Spring as well! Lovely photos.

  6. wow wouldn't it be fun to walk through those fields knowing that was your hours you were entering with all the wonderful smells and the beautiful chippy paint and soft colors, love it all...I am now a follower so I won't miss any of those beautiful pictures...

  7. The home is lovely, and the flowers are as well. It is 29 degrees in Washington DC tonight. I hate the cold weather, and always look forward to spring.

  8. This photos make me yearn even more for springtime, Jill. :) Soooo pretty! I'm counting the days....! lol

    xoxo laurie

  9. This is a very relaxing site. Thank you for the rest