Monday, July 30, 2012

des étiquettes personnalisées

I've been making des étiquettes personnalisées and sewing each into the nouveau  pantalons de couchage.
The custom labels are designed and then printed on heat transfer. Don't forget to make your image in mirror form on your printer.
I chose a shabby cabbage rose textile and then cut the tissu to fit the label.

In the next few weeks and months to come Bittersweet, Fussy Frenches' big sister will be whipping up nouvea fait à la main items.
We're already working on fall, winter designs, colors and motifs. Such fun, always!
Nouveau dessins are slowly appearing on the étagères and tables.

What kind of choses do you design?

Ayez un beau jour


Thursday, July 19, 2012

French linge de maison

Isn't this de plein air image beautiful?
I'm in love with the clay wall in the fond! Such a pretty contrast with the crisp white assortment of linens. 

I'm so very anxieux to be able to take outdoor photos without melting!
Maudit, it's hot!
Until then I'll berêver about some of these pictures I found on Pinterest. 
It's nice to dream...So very  merveilleux, to dream.

I amour old linens!
Recently I made some pillow slips from cotton linen. I've washed them several times and hung them outside to dry on the clothesline. I am amazed how soft they get. I'm a cotton girl all the way!
I prefer fabrics that breathe.

I need not ask what your favorite textile is. I'm sure you have the same passion as I when it comes to choosing. 
Ayez un beau jour