Wednesday, May 30, 2012

faites à la main

Photo courtesy of Pinterest
It's soulful and unique, sweetly faites à la main. I prefer handmade over any mass produced anything. 
I am passionate about rustic linens and embroidery trims and inspired by antiquités.
I se pâmer over vieux wicker baskets and fleurs.  
Cotton curtains hung in place of wood cabinets. Straw hats and shades of bleu.
Managing and operating my own handmade company for fifteen years has taught me nombreux things.
 The most important of all, to yourself be true.
Choisir and surround yourself with things you love. Don't worry if they appeal to other's. Trust your instinct and follow your heart when you créer. Sometimes it's a road less traveled, but it's your road!
Ayez un beau jour

Sunday, May 20, 2012

cher à mon coeur

They say "with age comes wisdom!" I would not disagree. 
As each year falls upon me ever so softly I realize more and more it's the little things in life that make me heureux. My mind travels less towards materialistic things and ponders closer to thoughts of fresh picked fleurs or an unexpected smile from a stranger or a hug from a client.

Sometimes the pure simple la vie pleasures go unnoticed or are overlooked. 

This  été I'm focusing on the little things over the big bulky way down ones.

An escape from the high speed highway and the fast paced world. 
If only in my own esprit.
No need to hurry. Slow down. 
Take it nice and easy and follow my coeur. 

Take in all that summer has to offer.
Her warm breeze and beautiful bounty.
She's a loving season and enjoys sharing her many gifts. 

I shall cherish her and nourish my soul. 

The baby wrens are almost ready to fly! 
Next spring about this same time,  the wrens will return to their summer home. The babies will now be adults and have baby oiseaux of their own.  
The tiny seeds have sprouted!
Each time I water the seedlings my anticipation grows as I can't wait for them to mature and blossom.
Sandals and bare orteils appear on tiny chubby feet.  
Fire fly dance in the night. They have no need for a spot light to take center stage. 
A drive through the countryside admiring the beaucoup fleurs in summer bloom. 
A cozy blanket stretched out in the yard at the stroke of midnight. Gaze up towards the stars and dream. 

Ayez un beau jour

Monday, May 7, 2012

Étiquettes de Français

I capturé this image @ Pinterest, I believe some time ago.
I thought the tissu labels were extraordinary and that they would be fun and easy to make.
The same concept may be used to make oreillers.
They are made using heat transfer papier. Dont' forget to reverse your design before printing!
As a soap maker I've always had a passion for étiquettes de cru of all sorts.

I often incorporate their conception into my work. This label is an example of that idee.
French labels are usually a work of art and I love incorporating their unique design into more modern conceptions.

Do you like vintage French labels? I'm sure vous faites.

Ayez un beau jour


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