Wednesday, May 30, 2012

faites à la main

Photo courtesy of Pinterest
It's soulful and unique, sweetly faites à la main. I prefer handmade over any mass produced anything. 
I am passionate about rustic linens and embroidery trims and inspired by antiquités.
I se pâmer over vieux wicker baskets and fleurs.  
Cotton curtains hung in place of wood cabinets. Straw hats and shades of bleu.
Managing and operating my own handmade company for fifteen years has taught me nombreux things.
 The most important of all, to yourself be true.
Choisir and surround yourself with things you love. Don't worry if they appeal to other's. Trust your instinct and follow your heart when you créer. Sometimes it's a road less traveled, but it's your road!
Ayez un beau jour

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  1. I agree, great message. I love the sweet lacy feminine top, I will be making more like that soon, it is part of me being true to myself too. Your blog is gorgeous. blessings, Lady