Thursday, February 2, 2012

robes de nuit de cru

If you've visited Fussy Frenchs' sister blog Bittersweet then you know about my passion for vintage nightgowns. This photo was taken at the Bittersweet studio. I proudly affichage the gown on a dress form at the entrance of the studio/boutique.
I prefer simple broderie over fantaisie and hues all of the same pallate. Equally fanciful Empire waist dresses excitez je.

photo courtesy of Pinterest
Isn't the robe beau? Stunning I believe.

Truly I wish the empire waisted dress would make a comeback, vraiment I do.
What are some of your favorite styles?

Ayez un beau jour


  1. I agree with you... I love the empire waistline garments... whether they be night dresses or day dresses... I think they look so feminine and romantic... let's start a movement to bring them back!!

  2. LOVE the look and comfort of empire waists and they will surely come back - once sickly skinnhy bones are no longer considered beautiful (certainly aren't healthy or natural!)and a real woman with real natural curves is considered beautiful again.

    Only a matter of time.

    Hope I live long enough to see it.

    It can only happen if real women lovers are designers though...........the "others" will keep sickly skinny in fashion as long as we let them.

    Beautiful blog, sorry I went off but you got me really thinking of the true awesomeness of comfort in fashion.

  3. Love that--I wish all the old feminine clothes would come back. Your photography is beautiful!

  4. The night gown is so very pretty. And yes, I love empire waisted dresses.

  5. love the night gown. Very pretty. Love empire Jane Austen!
    Have a great week.