Friday, March 16, 2012

Fleurs françaises

One of my favorite fleurs, the pétale mou everlasting hydrangea. A true flower gift from God, I believe.

I'm planning a marché aux puces jaunt. A nearby village is having their yearly extravaganza. One this girl never misses! I'm looking for certain pieces. Old jardin utilitarian items and a special peu mettent hors jeu kind of like the one in this Pinterest image.
One that's fin anyway.
Jardin rêver and planning some new outdoor retreats. Little extérieur spots throughout the landscape.

What kind of spring outdoor idees are you having? Outdoor marchés aux puces, jardin parties, warm summer evening dîners, bouquets of fresh hydrangeas and jardin fleurs.

Ayez un beau jour

Monday, March 5, 2012


courtesy of Pinterest

I could sit and regard fix at this field of lavender for hours! What I would do to have a beau landscape such as the one in this picture.  
Even if you don't have an acre or two for harvesting lavender you can enjoy a smaller version no matter how small of space you have. That's the grand thing about herbs.
I grow a large area of both rosemary, thyme and basil. I use the trois of herbs to cook with on a regular base. Especially fond of the basil. I use it to make Pesto dishes.

What is your favorite herb?
I'm still rêver of spring in between maison updates.

Ayez un beau jour